Journey with us!
Welcome to Adventure In Scripture. This first post is primarily intended to provide some structure to the flow and direction of our site. There are likely to be two types of posts here, the main post type being more focused on Bible study. These posts are intended to give the reader a chance to go and dive deep into various portions of the scripture and, hopefully, see more than is commonly seen. The second type of post will mostly be my musings on theological things, this will include scriptural musing, but mostly be focused on topics. A lot of these posts will come from my podcasts and the books that I am reading at the time. There will be very little structure to them and they likely won't connect to one another. But that's what makes it fun right?

I anticipate posting here a couple of times a month to start. I am currently taking a class on Biblical Greek that will be finishing in May, so what little time I do have is spent on that class. Once that is finished, I pray that I can focus more on this site as well as my podcasts and get a lot more out there into the hands of readers and listeners. 

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