Jesus Is King – Kanye West

Jesus Is King – Kanye West

I never imagined writing the following, but God has a way of doing things far beyond our own understandings. If you haven’t heard, which would surprise me, Kanye West (yes that Kanye) has released a Christian music album. Several friends on Facebook this weekend commented and posted about it. I had to take the time this morning to listen.

The content of the music reflects a change of heart for Kanye. He is not intending to teach deep theological concepts through this album. Rather he seems to be announcing his newfound faith in Jesus Christ. A “Coffee With Jesus” cartoon I saw makes the point the music is not “Christian”, but very much Kanye. The music has the same style and feel of secular music, but the content, the words, show a deep change of heart.

As I listened on the way in to the office this morning, God spoke in a way that “music” hasn’t done for me in a while. It took my spirit back to the beginning and the joy of Christ’s love. My spirit was moved deeply to pray for him and his walk, far beyond the normal prayer for those who are leading. You know the kind of prayer I’m talking about, the “and we pray for those leading” and that’s it? Not this morning, deep powerful prayer was to be had for Kanye West and his family.

God also prompted me to write and help others see the same. Do you pray for those leading the fight in a deep, powerful, and moving way? Or do you gloss over it? Go and listen to Jesus Is King. When you’re listening remember to let it take you back to the beginning of your walk, which is where he is, and let God teach you. Here’s a link to the full album on Youtube.

Our Response to Kanye

I’ve been reading posts and thoughts about Kanye’s conversion. I have noticed in a few of them people seem to claim it’s fake. Maybe not directly or overtly, but it is implied. I want to call on you to not be that person. Paul tells the Corinthian church that no man can claim “Jesus is Lord” without the Spirit. We need to remember that Kanye is very much declaring Jesus as Lord and King. As such we must, as brothers and sisters in Christ, pray for him.

Jackie made a good point on the way home from church yesterday as we were discussing this. She pointed out how often Christians turn on each other. She said that there are going to be people that are watching Kanye just waiting on him to mess up so they can say “see we told you so”. If that’s you, you’re a part of the problem in the Church today. There I said it.

Our responsibility as believers is to be a family, a community, a single unified body, the very Body of Christ. Paul was clear when he talked about parts of the body claiming to not need others. The body of Christ cannot thrive in the way it did at first if we’re all looking to find the fault in another. It’s time that the Church returns to unity, and Kanye may just be the catalyst.

Next Step

Make time today to pray for Kanye West and family. He has chosen to follow Jesus Christ as his Lord in the middle of a culture that despises Christ. He is going to be attacked for his faith, people are going to spit on him and persecute him. We as believers should be praying for his faith to remain strong. Right now, he has the ability and influence to reach MILLIONS of people. The first song on the album, linked above, has just shy of 1.5 million views since Friday.

Pray that God would make Kanye a beacon of light into the darkness. God can do amazing things with anyone, He may well have chosen Kanye to bring revival back to the world.


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