Month: July 2017

Salvation Topics

Salvation Topics

Hello all!

I have neglected writing over the last week or so, mostly because I’m lazy, but partly because this topic that I chose to start with generally causes lots of contention. Not really sure why that is other than our human nature, as the Word is pretty clear. As such, I have opted to break this into several writings. It will take me quite a bit of time to compile all the information into an easy to read format, but rest assured I am working towards the goal.

<h4>I am going to begin writing posts on the following items:</h4>

<li>Why do we need saving?</li>
<li>How is someone saved?</li>
<li>What is someone saved from/to?</li>
<li>Is there anything we can do to lose that salvation?</li>
<li>Do we need to do anything to keep our salvation?</li>

As I write these new articles I will come back here and make each of these points a link to the new article. Please be patient with me, and hopefully soon “us”, as I do have to do some deep study and praying over these topics that I write. They will come, don’t worry! It may just take a little longer than I would like.


Be blessed friends!